Newton is a companion who will walk the student through guided lessons that employ a trial and error based method. The student will primarily interact with Newton, who will ask questions to guide the student to review material that has been learned in class.

As a Chinese American, I have always been sensitive to how Chinese culture is represented in the United States. When I joined the design community, one of the things that I became very aware of was the importance of typeface and branding. With this new lens of design, I began to explore how Chinese culture is portrayed in typography and iconography in the United States.

Chop Suey Font

For most Americans, the typeface above is considered “Chinese”. Found in front of Chinese restaurants all over the United States, it is an attempt to emulate the strokes of Chinese calligraphy. …

Crystal Wang

Interaction Designer at Google. Previously at IDEO NY and Microsoft. Studied at SVA IxD and Columbia.

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