Things to Look for in an Ideal Hair Extension Kit

The I-Tip Extension Kit

The easy to apply and take out extensions known as the I-Tip hair extension kit. Not only these extensions add volume, but they also increase the length of your hair. You just need to be cautious while using a conditioner to avoid slipping. They have a life of 4 months. Also known as the I-tip or the Beaded extension.

The Tape-In Extension Kit

If you desire volume and thickness, then the Tape-in Extensions will suit you the most. Also, these extensions require a small amount of time for application. Every 6 to 8 weeks, the extensions are removed and reapplied. Hence Glide Remover and Express Remover are needed. For better protection, our specially designed Shampoos and Conditioners will ensure the long life of extensions. The kit consists of single and re-tap packs. You are welcome to try these extensions as first-hand or the re-tap visit.

The Fusion Kit

A fusion kit that is exclusively used on individual keratin bonds called the keratin fusion kit is a must-have. This kit is made for those people who desire length and volume for their hair while not having to do much in terms of maintenance. These extensions will be part of you and your hair for 4 months. Their long life is what makes them a bit expensive.



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Crystal Frehner

Crystal Frehner

I am the founder of Hottie Hair Salon Las Vegas. I have been a master hair stylist for 20 years and I love what I do!