So, What’s Your Dream 100?

“My dream WHAT?”, you ask.

Well, a couple years ago, I stumbled across a brilliant marketing concept called the “Dream 100”. At first, this seemed to be a strategy that might just be my “Dream Come True”… a very innovative way to build an online audience, possibly without having to buy ads! But after going through the 1st few steps of the process, my “Dream 100” became just that… a dream.

So, why am I telling you about something I didn’t follow through on? Well, today, in the 30 Day Challenge I’m taking part in, I learned some additional nuances to the “Dream 100” that could turn everything around! Actually, quite a few “AHA” moments! Let me explain…

What exactly is the “Dream 100”?

The “Dream 100” is a marketing strategy where you make a list of 100 people who have your target market as their audience. Think of it like this… If you were standing in your ideal customer’s shoes, where would you be hanging out online as you were trying to solve the problem that your product or service addresses?

Now… still standing in your ideal customer’s shoes… imagine you’re hanging out in Tony Robbins’ facebook group (as an example)… how many others are hanging out there with you? Think about it… that number could be astronomical!

So, instead of marketing your product or service, individually, one by one, to your target audience, the idea is to “market yourself” to your “Dream 100”. Then, if you “market yourself” well, and actually “sell yourself” to even only 3 of the 100, you have a potentially huge audience in which to market your product or service.

Q: Okay, sounds simple enough, but how do I find these “Dream 100”?

A: Predominantly, you’ll be looking for mailing list owners, bloggers, podcasters, and social media influencers.

One of the easiest ways to find the top “influencers” in a given niche is to Google something like “top 10 podcasts in myniche”, or “top 10 blogs in myniche”. You could also go to youtube or iTunes and search on “myniche”.

So, now what?

Well, this person who has become part of your “Dream 100”, (Tony Robbins in our example), already has the attention and trust of your “future customers”. Let’s call this person the “influencer”.

Our goal is to build a relationship with the “influencer”.

“How in the world would I do that?”, you might ask…

…Well, start by following them on their social media platforms. Subscribe to all their stuff… emails, podcasts… wherever they are, you want to be there. Buy their products… Really get to know them.

One simple way to get on their email list is to go to their facebook page, and click on “Info and Ads” (on the left side, if you’re on desktop). You’ll see a list of the ads which are currently active on facebook. Just click on one of the ads, and you will find yourself in the corresponing funnel. Most likely, you will receive an invitation to join their list!

And to find their communities, again we can start on their facebook page. Just click on “Community” (on the left side, if you’re on desktop), and you’ll see a list of all their public, as well as closed groups. (We’re looking for the free public ones!)

Okay? So far so good?

Well, here’s where I got hung up when I started going through this process a few years ago…

The next step in the process, after “getting to know” your Dream 100 “celebrity” online, is to communicate directly with them.


… Call them if possible.


… Send them a gift through “snail mail” if you can get their address. (You want to send them what’s called a “lumpy package”, some gift that you know they would appreciate, based on what you’ve learned about them from following them online.)

HMMMMM…. That’s easier said than done, especially when talking about someone at the “celebrity” status! And an especially intimidating task for someone who’s just starting out, a “newbie” to the online marketing world. Someone with no idea what they could possibly bring to the relationship, I felt like a “nobody” in the world of the “influencers”.

As you might guess, that’s where my “Dream 100” became (at least temporarily) just a dream for me.

So, bottom line, I had my “Dream 100” list, started receiving tons of emails from all these gurus, had quite a collection of facebook groups that I had joined, podcasts that I had subscribed to… but that’s as far as I got.

Realistically, I just couldn’t see myself trying to build relationships with the gurus, and actually communicating one on one with them.

But what I learned today is a game changer for me. It has given me a totally different perspective of the “Dream 100”…

Stay tuned for PART 2 of “So, What’s Your Dream 100?” I’ll share what was such a game changer for me… and if you’re like me, and new to online marketing, I’m positive you’ll agree! I’ll also share the other “AHA’s” I had today during the 30 Day Challenge training!

Ahhhh, the suspense!