So, Who’s Your Dream 100? Part Two

The Game Changer

If you happened to read Part 1: “So What’s Your Dream 100”, you know I kinda left you in suspense as to what the big game changer was that restored my appreciation for the “Dream 100” marketing strategy I learned about a couple years ago.

(If you haven’t read this, I’d recommend reading it first, so you have a better idea of what I mean by “Dream 100”.)

Okay, I won’t keep you in suspense… The game changer is a technique called… drumroll please…

“Leveling Up”

So, let’s assume you’re starting from absolute ground zero in your level of influence on your ideal customers. Practically no-one knows who you are nor have they heard about the product or service that you offer.

Unless you’re in some totally obscure market, if you look long and hard enough, you’ll find someone who has just a little more influence than you do…on your same group of ideal customers. Maybe slightly easier to discover, are those who have even a little more influence than that, and a little more, and a little more, until you reach the “celebrity” level.

Envision an inverted pyramid, with you at the bottom, and the “celebrities” at the top… the length of the “bar” being the amount of influence each level possesses…

The Celebrities

Three Levels Up

Two Levels Up

One Level Up

You…Ground Zero

Now, go through your “Dream 100”, and assign a level to each one. You may find that you have mostly (or all) “celebrities” on your list. That’s okay, but you’re going to want to find some that are on the levels in between you and the “celebrities”.

When first starting out, focus on building a relationship with those that are 2 levels up from you. Look at the size of their “bar” in the graph above, and see how much more influence they have than you do at this point! Yet, they likely were exactly where you are now, just a very short while ago.

At this stage, it’s much less intimidating to reach out to this “2 level up” group than to the “celebrities”. And by approaching them as someone you admire, and look up to, you’re giving them the ego boost they crave. (Remember, they’re just a few steps ahead of where you are… they haven’t “made it” to the top quite yet, so you’ll probably “make their day” by just acknowledging them!)

Once you’ve built somewhat of a relationship with them … invite them to do an interview (for your blog, or on your podcast, etc). Obviously, you’ll have a much greater chance of getting a “yes” with this group, than if you ask a “celebrity”, as this “2 level up” group will most likely welcome the extra exposure. Plus, this will help you get comfortable with the process.

Of course, the person you’re interviewing will want to publicize this interview to their audience, so … BOOM (to quote my 30 Day Challenge mentor) … you’ve immediately increased your reach… and thus your influence! Repeat this process with the “2 levels up” crowd for a while, and you will have bumped yourself up and joined them on their level… yes, you will have “leveled up”!!!

Once you’re at “2 levels up” status, you’re ready to start reaching out to those who are another 2 levels up from there. (Our graph shows just 5 levels, but realize there could be many, many levels between “ground zero” and “celebrity”.) You’re going to keep reaching up 2 levels, then moving up 2 levels, reaching up 2 levels, moving up 2 levels… Eventually, IF.YOU.DON’T.GIVE.UP. … you may just find yourself at the “celebrity” level!

So, now you know my “game changer”.

The ABC Technique

A very similar paradigm to “Leveling Up” is what I call the “ABC” technique. “ABC” is basically the same as “Leveling Up”, except that in this method, we rank influencers (our Dream 100) on one of three levels: A, B, or C, with level A being the “celebrities”, and level C being those who have reached a considerable level of influence, but not so far removed from their humble beginnings that they are untouchable. (And of course level B falls somewhere in between.)

For the “newbies” just starting out, this technique suggests targeting mostly level C’s, some level B’s, but only a few A’s. As you progress in your level of influence, you work your way up to targeting mostly, or all, level C’s.

…And that’s it in a nutshell! You don’t need to be intimidated by the “celebrities” when just starting out… Don’t get frozen by fear like I did… Just reach out to those who are just a couple steps ahead of you in your journey. Go ahead… “Make their day!”

Dream 100 Qualifications

So, maybe you’re wondering if there are any “qualifications” someone needs in order to make it into the Dream 100…

Well, first, they should be an “influencer” (in your market) with a significant email list. If they don’t have the list, obviously, there’s no “audience” to get in front of.

Secondly, they should communicate regularly with their email list. Otherwise, they won’t have the rapport and trust of their subscribers that we want access to.

Thirdly, they should be a “publisher”. By this, I mean that they have some form of “distribution channel” to their audience. Maybe it’s a blog, a podcast or a youtube channel. Maybe they utilize facebook live, etc… just some channel or platform that lets their voice be heard. Again, this communication is essential!

The Wrap Up

Wow, I had no idea there was so much we could discuss on this topic of the “Dream 100”. We’ll continue our discussion in Part 3, where we’ll talk about how to get on the radar of your Dream 100 so you can start to build a relationship, how to approach them when it’s time to ask for the interview, along with other valuable tips to make the most of the Dream 100 process.

…to be continued…