Lit Letter 040916

The Feeling

It feel good to feel her. To feel weight lifted off the shoulders, few of insecurity, free of “am I good enough? Why am I not the one for you? Why do you do the things you do?” It feels good to wake up blessed, knowing you are loved, you matter, you’re the shit and you’re killing it, girl. And it feels good to know that this love is forever, it can’t up and decide to pack up and leave one day because someone badder, freakier, more submissive came along. It can’t say “the spark died” or “it’s not you, it’s me,” because it is you, the feeling is within you. All this time seeking that good good, the one and butterflies in someone else, your essence, your power and truth was in you along. The very thing you were looking for was right front of you. While you looking in the mirror disappointed, you forgot to reflect on the situation. Reflect on what was missing. And see that the someone you needed to be there for you was you along. when you look at it, you is just not one. You are so complex, so dimensional, you don’t know who’s in there or who to listen to. It’s time to self identify, identify the voice you choose to listen to. Self doubt, negativity, free spirit, self-love, fear, insecurity, God, who? Who do you choose to listen to? Pick wisely because the voice you choose to let speak manifests your reality. All that you seek, all that you need is in you. Speak mind, speak heart, speak spirit. Tell me who I am and how I’m feeling.

About Lit Letters

Lit letters is a Werdsmith Portfolio that I created for raw and unedited notes written after the party and one drink too many. I don’t always drink, but when I do, the words I leave behind make me whole.

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