Crystal Evans

Your Jamaican Six Figure Income is one BPO proposal or contract away 🇯🇲

First note; A Jamaican six figure is actually 10,000 USD.

Yep, to make a million Jamaican dollars and some.

Well 10,000 USD is actually 1.5 million Jamaican dollars.

This is how you can maximize your Business Outsource Biznez into a full fledge multiple stream of income gig.

Recently we have been adding 100 callers to our CRM interface for our numerous campaigns.

This is what 100 callers look like when you break it down.

That’s $2500 in retention bonus for the recruiter

That’s $500 in sales/bonus for the boss

That’s $100–500 dollars an hour for the BPO Owner depending on the hourly paid details of his contract.

That breaks down to 800 dollars a day

4000 a week…

You are well on to six figures by end of month.



Crystal Evans

Crystal Evans

Bestselling Caribbean author focused on Female Empowerment, usage of pidgin language and self love. Business and financial development coach.