AUCTION. CIRCA 1970. Ends Sunday.

AUCTION. Opening bid starting at $1,200 for CIRCA, 1970. Details:

This piece is part of a series of works called Music Of The Spheres where I researched the idea of a utopian parallel universe beyond the computer. 
The winner of this vibrant piece will be supporting my next journey and study of work on synesthesia. This is when one sense of the body triggers another sense of the body. I, myself have developed chromesthesia where I have started to hear sound as I paint. I have also been able to see auras in various colours in my environment and around people.

My next series of 10–12 paintings will each describe my experience of sight and sound.
My purpose has always been to make other people happy. As a compassionate soul and empath I explore the human condition in all of its rainbow colours.
The lucky person who wins this bid will enjoy a lifetime of good vibrations from CIRCA 1970 and will be supporting me to create a deeper impact in this human community: to raise the colour vibration.

Bid starts at: $1,200.

Bid ends Sunday January 29 at 19:11 Pacific Time.

Let the bidding commence!

Details: Winner will be able to pay by Venmo or bank transfer. Delivery and transport is flexible upon location worldwide. Contact me directly. 
The painting: Music Of The Spheres, CIRCA 1970, 48" x 36" x 2.5", acrylic & oil on canvas, 2016