Married and lonely

At some point we all experience that point where you feel your in this life by yourself. Every situation is different and causes are different however the feelings are the same. Cause you’re lonely. Most people who help people often are the most loneliest because you can give out so much and be the rock for others yet who’s the rock for you? Be it your married or single. Sometimes just because you go to bed with a person. Doesn’t mean they hold you caress you at night. Just cause your married doesn’t mean you have a spicy sex life. Trust me if there no sex someone is masturbating or cheating. (This is not a children blog today ) There even comes a point in marriage were you just there and that’s some lonely shit.

Married but lonely.

Yes it get real in the camp. Finances really is the number one reason for divorce. But up there with finances is being lonely. We all get to that place in our marriages we talk but we don’t talk. We don’t fill our days up with each other. The love letters stop. The text message stop. No one checks up on each other. You say hi, bye , pay your bills, do your responsibility. However your divorce in your mind and the loneliness real. it knocks at your door so hard. Things that normally would not even grab your attention start screaming at you.

You develops relationships with people you wouldn’t even really fool with like that. Then the flirt come out. Cause now all eyes on you and it’s not like your doing anything. Cause the attention that your spouse once had for you ain’t there anymore and you know that their attention is somewhere else. But loneliness married and alone. And guess what you’re really not the only one. Many hid it I. Secret affairs and hide behind this social platforms and try the bury the problem. But the shit right there in your face and when your all alone it’s right there in your face your lonely.

It boils down to this either somebody is cheating are on a fine line. Cause if you’re lonely the other person is lonely too. Both of ya are in the lonely club. If it’s been over a month and no sex they masturbating or screwing some else my friend its just the hard truth. However your either gone save your marriage or it’s going to crumble and it’s going to be a shock to everyone in your circle of influence cause it’s hidden so well. The thing about being in leadership at times is that when you the leader is lonely who counsels you and your spouse.

The realist blog I’ve wrote in a while

Lady Hale