Ai Beauty Clinic and Merz Build Strategic Cooperation on Asian Market in London

Fox News London
Oct 26, 2019 · 3 min read

On a sunny Tuesday morning, Mr Stuart Rose, Managing Director of Merz Group in Great Britain and Ireland, visited the headquarters of Ai Beauty Clinic in a Grade II listed building on Oxford Street in London. Mr Qiu, Director of Ai Beauty Clinic, had an in-depth conversation with Mr Rose on exploring new services and skincare technologies targeting the needs of Asian clients and reached agreements on further strategic cooperation. After looking over the environment of the clinic, Mr Rose was very excited about the professional expertise, customer service and medicine quality of Ai Beauty, which increased his confidence in further liaisons.

Founded in 2015, Ai Beauty Clinic is the ONLY Asian clinic equipped with authorized Ultherapy in London and has served over 8000 patients with over 99% satisfaction rate. Within its esteemed professionalism, Ai Beauty has since accumulated a large number of loyal customers, which is highly recognized and valued by international medical groups, such as Merz Pharma.

A practitioner performing Ultherapy treatment on a client in Ai Beauty Clinic

“I am delighted to be a partner of the very experienced and professional Ai Beauty Clinic, who has done an amazing job in building popularity in the UK Asian market by delivering fantastic quality, expertise and great results of Ultherapy. For us, as a family-owned company with a history of 111 years, it is a pleasure to work with Ai Beauty and I am proud to have this partnership with them.” said Mr Rose, Managing Director of Merz UK.

One of the most effective anti-aging methods to date, Ultherapy is the most advanced technology in the aesthetics industry. However, due to competition, the market is overwhelmed with companies that offer cutthroat prices with fake machines and misleading commercials. Ai Beauty wins its reputation and customer loyalty by its authorized equipment, professional doctors and friendly services. “We will never save money on the cost of hardware and medicines. Customer’s satisfaction and treatment effect are our top priorities. We must always guarantee the quality of our products and services.“ said Mr Qiu, Director of Ai Beauty. “More skincare and anti-aging surprises are on the way.”

Mr Qiu (left) from Ai Beauty and Mr Rose (right) from Merz exchanging conversations

About Ai Beauty: As the top Asian aesthetic clinic in London, Ai Beauty Clinic has developed its own business system in the skincare industry. Apart from business and service areas, Ai Beauty Clinic is pursuing a technological breakthrough to provide one-station customized solutions to skin problems for Asian customers.

About Merz: Founded in 1908, Merz Pharma is an international healthcare company specializing in over-the-counter and prescription creams, ointments and injectables in the fields of dermatology, neurology and metabolic disorders. Based in Frankfurt, Germany, Merz has developed Memantine, the first drug for treating moderate to severe Alzheimer’s disease.

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