India, our country, is a hub of talented search engine marketers, web designers, advertising agencies, marketing agencies, and other digital marketers. However, it doesn’t mean that all service providers offer excellent quality services. So, you need to find a top creative agency in India from the multitudes of agencies out there.

Selection criteria for choosing your agency

For this, the initial step is to recognize the agency which your company needs, be it for one project or an ongoing partnership. Invest time in understanding the objectives, deliverables and selection criteria before you actually start looking for your creative partner.

Qualitative criteria for the right partner should include determining their creativity, commitment with other working partners, industry expertise, strategic thinking, cultural aptness, innovativeness, execution brilliance, talent, change adaptability, technological advancement, functional expertise, and account management.

After you filter out some agencies on the basis of the above mentioned criteria, get to know the core competencies, cultural fitness, vision, punctuality, and key services provided by the selected candidates.

Research the results of their previous ad campaigns

Now that you will be left only with a few candidates to choose from, research the results of their previous ad campaigns. Ask for their past work, pay attention to the type of ad campaigns they have handled, and the results generated thereof. This will give you an inkling of whether the agency will be able to take up your requirements, live up to your expectations, and deliver expected results.

Interview your candidates

You should also take into consideration the industries they have worked with earlier. If they have expertise in your niche, their familiarity and comprehension would be a plus. Finally, interview your candidates to know their age and history, locations/offices, company size, account management structure, case studies, partnerships, range of services, potential conflicts of interest, degree of experience in your niche, etc. This will help you find the top creative agency in India to partner with for your brand’s creative needs.

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