No Women Are Not Equal, Women Have It Better

I read an article titled “You are not equal. I’m sorry.” It got my blood boiling so I have decided to write about it. That article was a response to another article against the women’s march.

First I would like to say that I do appreciate all the women who have fought for our rights to vote, work, and be productive members of society along with men. Thank you to those women.

I will say no thank you to any of the women marching during this women’s march. It actually disgusts me to think that they could be representing women.

Why women have it better than men.

Women have a variety of birth control to choose from. Anything from a pill, to IUD, to an implant in your arm. Yet men, only get to choose from a condom, or a condom. Which I would like to say is the least effective form of birth control. So just in the preventive stage of not getting pregnant men already have a disadvantage.

When a woman becomes pregnant, she now has the privilege of getting to decide if she wants to have a baby or abort the baby. The man gets to have no say in the matter because it is not his body. So that tiny human being that is half of each of them, has it’s life depending on the mother. The man can absolutely want that child and his desire to keep that child does not matter. The mother can kill that child and he has no say.

Abortions are legal, If your fighting because you think the government should pay for them that is outrageous. Why on earth should the government pay for your irresponsible reckless decisions? If you truly do not want children to the point that you would be willing to kill one of your own, get put on birth control. Rather than killing an innocent human that you have irresponsibly created, prevent it from being created.I am not saying that women should not be able to choose to have an abortion or not, but the government should not have anything to do with it. The government should not be paying for you to have sex. Should the government also pay for you to drink and gamble? No. If you can not pay for yourself to have sex then you should be worried about more important things.

When a couple gets divorced, the woman seems to take most of the man’s belongings. She ends up with a house and a car while the man has to basically start over.

Women automatically get custody of children. Do you know how hard a man has to fight to get custody? A man has to fight and fight to prove that the mother is not a good care taker in order to get the child. Men who want to be good fathers have to fight in order to be in their child’s life. Some women even try to use the kids as leverage and there is not much a man can do about it.

Women also get child support and alimony. Child support that is commonly used for needs of the woman and not the child. Why is this not monitored? Why do women not have to prove that the money is going to the care of the child? If I were paying child support I would like to know that my money is going towards that child and not for the child’s mother to be smoking cigarettes or going to the bar. Now let’s talk about alimony. If your husband was supporting you while you were married that is great for you, but if your no longer with him, time to get a job! Why should he have to continue to support you? You are not his child. You should not be his dependent. But then again that is just another benefit to being a woman.

Women can choose to work and make their own money, or find a man to provide for them. Men do not get this option. Men are expected to be men and get a job. Not to many stay at home dads, but stay at home moms are common.

Men don’t get maternity leave. Why is it that the women gets to take off work after having the baby? I understand that her body needs time to heal, but after that? why doesn’t the father also get to spend time taking care of the baby in the first few months of it’s life? Women can pump milk and save it for later, if breastfeeding is the route they would like to take.

I saw in the article that I read that women have to carry mace while walking alone at night. Yes, men AND women have to protect themselves. Men get jumped and robbed. Carry a gun if you are in a situation that you may need to protect yourself. Why is it common for men to use guns but not for women? There is nothing from stopping women from learning how to properly care for and shoot a gun. Men are expected to be protectors. Why don’t women protect themselves? why is it that men are supposed to carry the gun? Protect yourself just like the men do if you want to be equal.

A woman can say a man hit her or that a man raped her and she is believed in most cases. A woman can ruin a man’s life by claiming something even if it is not true. If a man were to say that a woman hit him or raped him he would just get laughed at.

Women cat call men too. A man with a 6 pack jogging down the street without a shirt on who is all sweaty has women cat calling him too. The difference is the reaction. Men take it as a compliment. Maybe we should stop acting so offended and say something back to these men. Here is a video I really like of a girl responding to cat calls.

Yes women are told they are too fat or too skinny, too old or too young. Men are too! men get made fun of for being short or skinny. They are criticized for being weak. None of this is okay but it happens to both genders!

If you are being judged on your outfit or purse, its your own fault. Go to school for electrical engineering if you want to be judged on your brain. Stop spending insane amounts of money on a stuff holder. A cheap purse serves the same purpose as a coach purse does. Men don’t stupidly waste money on such things, maybe that’s why they are sometimes presumed smarter.

If you are with someone who is abusing you, LEAVE. Mentally or physically abusing you, man or woman, LEAVE! This is not something that only happens to women. Men are just too scared to say anything about it because society laughs.

Women, and especially women of color, can’t get fired. A company can’t fire them because it would be discrimination. So it does not matter that they are not contributing the same amount as the men are, just because they are a woman. As a woman I can go apply to join the pipe fitters union and have a better chance at getting in because I am a Mexican woman. I’m not getting treated equally, I am getting treated better! Do not blame gender or race on anything, take accountability for yourself.

Your daughters are told they are beautiful before they are told they are smart? The first thing that someone can see is looks not brains. So yes, tell them they are beautiful, and while your at it tell the boys they are handsome.

Woman raise the kids too, so if you have problem with saying “boys will be boys” then stop. Don’t give that as an excuse. Raise your boys to be gentlemen who respect woman.

Do not tell your daughters that when a boy picks on them that means they like them. This is soooo wrong. They are being programmed to think that when a boy is mean to her, that means he likes her. Teach her to not take any bullying from a boy or a girl. Teach your boys to be nice to girls they like, and teach your daughters not to take advantage of it!

When it comes down to it, a lot of this is not even something to fight the government on or protest about. It is society. The only way society is going to change is if you change it by doing what you can to improve it.

You are right we are not equal. Women have it better. Our bodies are different so we really can’t be equal. Men are made stronger. Women have to work harder and longer to do the same job. So it only seems sensible for men to help women. If you had to dig a hole 2 foot into the ground and had a shovel sitting next to an auger, which would you pick? the shovel could most certainly do the job, but it would take much longer and be much harder. However it would still be capable of doing the job. The auger could do it in much less time and take less effort. Men and women are just made differently, and if you have a problem with that you can take it up with your creator.

If you want to fight for women’s rights, then fight for the women who dont have rights. The women in other countries who get hit for talking in the presence of a man. The women who are only used to make babies. The women who get beat to death because someone raped them. Women in other parts of the world really do have it bad. We have it pretty great over here in America.

by the way, this was written by a American female who is half Mexican, rides a motorcycle, does her own renovations on her own house, completely supports herself, owns a gun, and does not ever let society tell her what she can and can not do. If you want to be “equal” the only thing that is stopping you, is yourself.