Really? This is middle of the road?

Hephaestus — I think you DO have an agenda — and I’m just trying to figure out what it is that you think, because the people you’re defending really don’t like or want people like you around. If you’re an immigrant making six-figures in fashion and marketing, you represent everything they hate. It seems you are just really more angry at the left PC culture — and I’ve already agreed with you that I am able to see their encroaching march on free thought. That’s not in question — but the people you’re trying to align yourselves with are happy to be racist, happy to be sexist — and the author of this piece captured perfectly why the boy-men, wealthy or not, are happy to participate in their own subjugation — in the case of racism — and the outright hatred of women — in the case of sexism.

Content matters, and I respect those who work hard who have unskilled labor and those who have skilled labor — but just like I’m not qualified to put together a car engine or dig a ditch with a backhoe — there are these nuances that you’re talking about in the fields of history and political philosophy that give one a more intelligent perspective. That’s not to say that heart doesn’t deserve a place — but it seems that it’s the right that always wants to drive the heart out in favor of the superman, the rational, the capitalist.

I’m a situational libertarian, because I live in a society that has a perfect framework for the most liberty as possible. We don’t respect that liberty very well — but outside of the idea that we should be left alone by the government, I think that we have a duty to help our civilization move forward in kindness and excellence and sharing and understanding. I don’t purport to know how the hell this happens and waver dramatically between bleak nihilism and a Hallmark card commercial on a daily basis.

In the end, I think that love saves capitalism. And you’re right — that includes my love for those I think are stupid. But there are some people who won’t listen — who will never listen to that, and that includes people who believe in those ideologies where humans do not have civil liberties — and cannot be loved for their simply being. The blood and soil narratives poison the Enlightenment.

You say Trump doesn’t have to do anything but shake it up — what does your ideal look like on the other side of that?

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