chans are not created, it’s just a space where people hang out.

I thank you for writing all of this out, and I find it fascinating and your insights to be really interesting. I think a lot of what you say actually does corroborate what the original author wrote, however — all most all of it, in fact. He did say that you support what you support because you have been put in the position of the loser. He just didn’t go into something very important — that you have a fundamental error as to whose fault it is. I cannot figure out, for the life of me, why you align progressives with global corporatism. These two groups are not known for their love of one another.

I’m trying to figure out why this is the case. It may be because you perceive the white people in cities and blue city suburbs as relatively wealthy. It’s true — people who live in cities tend to be culturally open, worldly, somewhat elitist, well educated and they reject things like religion and traditionalism, which is what people often cling to when they’re downtrodden. These people are global-minded, culturally, but don’t love the unfettered abuse of the global capitalist class. They vote in the interest of the poor, usually — those who are not the winners in life. And they would be very sympathetic to poor whites if they would stop blaming minorities and women for every tragedy that befalls them.

They truly yearn to work together with you — and would probably unite under Trump WITHOUT all of these theatrics. The really loony left is much smaller than the broader left — nobody wants totalitarianism, particularly socially. The right has historically been known, through religion, through patriarchy — yes, patriarchy — through racism, etc., to be the party that attempted to control people. And R and D switch back and forth between names — so don’t call me up with the Abe Lincoln/Robert Byrd crap — I’m too smart for that, and I think you are, too.

Those leftist kids and people in the creative space that you perceive to be your enemies are in the exact same boat as you — put there by the same people. They are not your enemy. They just don’t like you, because you don’t like them and vice-versa — this is a carefully crafted plan carved out by your corporate overlords. The guys who LOVE the dudes behind the counter, because they can win their admiration, while raping them in the employee bathroom. Of course they want you to hate leftists and feminists and everyone in between — you must, or one day, you won’t keep quiet, you won’t show up and your shame will turn to empowerment and you will cook and eat him where he stands. Why don’t you guys realize that?

I do think there’s a lot of hypocritical crap coming from the left and democrats — and I agree that PC is a little over the top and devalues the equality of men in their speech (however, the man is still on top — sorry) — and I think some of their maternalism holds back minorities — but the major ethos is much different than what your echo chamber has led you to believe. I see how a person that is not as old as the author might forget. I can see how you feel oppressed, by the unfortunate timeliness of your birth, by some of the machinations of the progressive society. There are certain large institutions they do run — Hollywood, the media and academia — but these are only places they’ve been allowed to exist — marginally — they are always ripe for attack from some McCarthy or Rove or Neocon or Stephen Miller — because they are owned by the capitalists. They make them money, and they help, by virtue of being the yang or the yin, remind everyone that there is a divide between people.

I wish you the best, and I hope your zeal turns to wisdom. In the end, running to anger and hate as a result of being hated isn’t the right answer. I became an actual libertarian — you sound more like a young alt-right person. I really can’t tell your age. If you’re really behind a counter, you’re very intelligent, but I also hope you read more varied sources— the upper class wasn’t against Trump, or he would not be president. Income was not a predictor in this election.

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