Digital photography: a great way to destroy memories, not keep them
David Hewson

I take a lot of photos when I travel (I myself just came back from Venice and Florence and a lot of my photos were also book research) but most of those are with my iPhone or with a small Canon pocket camera. The main reason for the pocket camera is storage. As you pointed out above, cameras in phones now are so great that for the most part, unless you are a pro photog, you don’t need much more. I always try to be very thoughtful about individuals who are enjoying the art or scenery…I myself only take photos in those moments after I have already spent my own time oohing and ahhing. It’s really awful how people will go into a museum or to an attraction these days and don’t really LOOK at things, they just snap pictures. The idea of a selfie with a famous piece of art is so weird to me…really?

When I’m back, I usually put all my photos into a desktop slide show on my background, which means that I have the chance to oooh and ahhh over and over. I’ve also made gorgeous coffee table books with Blurb out of my photos, for a really special way for me and for friends and family to enjoy them in the years to come. Getting them off the computer is something that people rarely do any more.

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