When God was a Boy.

Write a myth to explain where human beings come from:

When the world was new, when God was a boy, and before dirt, as we know it, there was a time.

Adam and Eve might be a story you’re familiar with, but, honestly speaking, that’s the second edition. The edited version, if you will. You see, the creator, as we’ll call it, has a very dry sense of humor. I call it a sick sense, personally. This was before the creator became mature enough to handle the daily struggles of human kind, and like an errant child, dabbled & played with ideas and items with reckless abandon.

The first order of business as WE know it was the heavens and the earth. But what if our version was actually the matured, re-do? The first order of business for a youngster would have absolutely nothing to do with an orderly progression.

Well…the being in question, was playing one day, and decided to create another being. Now this being was a man, and he was beautiful, full of light, and joy and had a loving spirit. The being also created his equal, a woman, who was also beautiful, full of light and joy, but the one thing the being didn’t give the man was a sense of wisdom.

Now the woman and man, who we’ll call Mike and Lilith, for lack of better titles. They lived off the land, without any problems. One day Lilith strolled among the flora and fauna, and came upon Mike speaking with one of the creatures that they shared their domicile with. She didn’t think anything of their parley, because they did this frequently. The conversations became regular occurrences, and still she wasn’t moved to action, or angst. 
 The first sign that something amiss came when Mike asked quietly, are you sure you’re capable of handling that branch? It appears to be rather heavy, and I truly SHOULD carry that for you. Now Lilith, was a little taken aback. She had been carrying branches since time out of mind. They had built many a structure together, both for recreation, and desire. She thought his question was odd, but didn’t comment. Later, he asked her again if she wouldn’t be more comfortable if He took over the current project they were working on at that time. She again noted his odd behavior and made no comment. The third time she encountered this odd change of character came when he steadfastly refused to allow her to pick her own fruit from the tree. The tree was, as we know now, would become the focus of many a conversation for centuries to follow, but at this time it was simply a tree. A beautiful giving tree that had no alternative agenda of it’s own. Lilith was baffled by Mikes changed behavior and had started to question the creator if Mike was in need of a tune up. Simply put he may be displaying signs of a glitch, or a “bug” as it were, that just needed adjusting. She waited until Mike was asleep one evening and asked for an audience with “big guy”. The creator took some time to respond, more likely when it was convenient. 
 The response was as she expected…He’s not broken, remember I didn’t give him the gift of wisdom, I gave it to you, so, it’ll b o.k. Well, o.k. she thought, but as Mike’s comments and actions started becoming more and more demanding. Demanding that she talk a specific way, walk a specific way and go only where he asked her too. Suddenly it became to much.

Lilith started to think “something” isn’t right. Something is actually terribly wrong, and she started planning an escape route just incase he really, eventually, snapped. She started to search for “hidey holes”, what she called “her personal spaces”, when he questioned her. Soon, she had amassed quite a store house of them, and had even stocked them with provisions. Then the time came when Mike actually did it, he really stepped off the proverbial sanity bus & made a demand that was completely out of line She smiled knowingly and nodded approvingly of his request, then made an excuse. The first lie, “yes dear, whatever you say dear”.