The Donald…King Donald…The Don…Or Donald Trumpanovich?
Adam Corson-Finnerty

Hey Adam, I enjoyed reading this. King Donald sounds about right.

As for Trump’s mental state, I’d recommend you check out malignant narcissism (which some say is flat out sociopathy/psychopathy). Trump’s behavior fits the “symptoms” to a T. In point of fact, malignant narcissists DO NOT feel distress about their behavior, but they make everyone else sick. They are also notoriously resistant to treatment and when forced will try and manipulate the therapist. The medical community is not in agreement whether malignant narcissists are “mentally ill” in the traditional sense. However, those brave enough would have no trouble stating these folks are unquestionably “morally ill.” However you slice it, Trump is a sick man. His material success is NOT proof of a stable mental state. Babiak and Hare, who write about corporate psychopathy, would back me up here.

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