We had a photographer there, that is also a close family friend, because this was all we have to…
Royce Young

My brother and his wife lost a baby due to complications during birth. Through this heartbreaking experience, we were introduced to Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. It’s a national non-profit comprised of professional photographers from around the country who volunteer and provide — AT NO COST — pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography to families who are/will experience the loss of their newborn. For many families, much as Royce points out, documenting their experience and capturing their baby in photos is one of the few things they have to hold on to. It’s one of the few validators and proofs that yes, this baby was.

You are an amazing writer, Royce. And by sharing your experience (and your wife’s and Eva’s), you have inspired thousands upon thousands of people to sign up to be an organ donor, to make an amazingly selfless choice during a crisis with their child to help others live or improve quality of life, to grow in virtue by seeing the humanity and value of their unborn terminal child. Eva was born to the best possible parents any baby with her prognosis could hope for.

Thank you to you and Keri for being beyond courageous, for being so selfless, for demonstrating amazing compassion and love, and for sharing your raw experience with us. We are better people because of it.