Your data is valuable in the ‘marketplace for your mind’

Your mind is money. Do you know what it’s worth?

“We believe that everyone knows something valuable, and should be able to bring that knowledge to the world.”

— Crystal Rose

Your valuable data in others’ hands

The web has unwittingly created a source of free data that today is…

Learning to cultivate a growing startup community from the biggest little town in the tech world

In the startup world, a unicorn is a company that has hit a valuation of epic proportions (> $1 billion) in the short lifecycle of a startup. Unicorns come in many shapes and sizes. They are rare, appear to be made of magic and are hard to duplicate.

Boulder, Colorado…

Goodbye, Google. I’m going search-free for 30 days.

Hello, my name is Crystal and I am addicted to search.

I’m not saying search is bad, it’s just become a habit. Search is a fantastic research tool. Search engines let us reference billions of documents that have been archived online for the last two decades.

In fact, the Google…

6 ways to find free places to work I learned from bootstrapping my startup

After quitting our cushy day jobs, my co-founder and I embarked on an adventure to build a big idea and change the world.*

I learned a new word first hand: bootstrapping. That is, the art of creatively using whatever resources you have to fund your company and build your idea…

Lately I’ve been feeling less love. Now I have evidence Twitter is messing around.

Photo credit: @thelittleidiot

Twitter and I have a history. We’ve gone steady for the last 4 years. I’ve made new friends, forged real-world relationships and practiced regular, healthy sharing.

Over the years I’ve spent more time with Twitter every day. The app even moved in to my home screen. Today I have around…

Crystal Rose

Making Sense ⚡️ | CEO & Founder @sensechat |

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