Why You Will Soon Be Sharing Your Deepest Secrets With A Robot
Matt Schlicht

Bots are great listeners. You can share your deepest secrets with a bot today. Bots are terrible friends life coaches. A bot can talk back to you — without intelligence or emotion.

The best listening bot may be one you tell your daily joys and woes to, that goes into a black hole never to be seen by a human. We’ll call this GetOffMyChestBot.

Single-direction venting is good in some cases, helpful conversation is better. What do humans with deep secrets really need? Real advice from humans with relevant life experience. That’s tough when the only humans we know are, well, humans we know.

What if a bot could connect us to people who are not in our social circle and therefore would not judge us? All the shame and reasons why we might turn to a bot to share our secrets would be lifted.

Every one of the examples in the list of “Conversations We May Prefer To Have With A Bot” has been helped by an anonymous human, all via chat, on Sensay:

  • Asking about a strange rash on your leg.
  • Filing for bankruptcy.
  • Asking questions about how to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Figuring out how to fix your credit.
  • Talking about your recent breakup.*

*Tens of thousands of conversations have happened around breakups and divorce.

If you’d like some feedback on your issues, if you wish you had a friend who knew how to help, or just simply need to talk to someone outside your social circle, Sensay is a bot that will bring you a human to talk to inside of any messenger.