876 Reasons to Celebrate Startups in Los Angeles

L.A. Startups, Let’s Party

Los Angeles is home to nearly 900 startups. This October we celebrate them all with L.A. Startup Week

Los Angeles kicks ass at most things that it does: making movies, playing basketball, building spaceships (oh, you forgot we have Space X?), touting tacos from trucks, and starting startups. With over $4B in acquisitions so far this year and over $30B in valuations for thriving local startups, we’re starting to make our mark in a massive way.

It makes sense then, with our burgeoning startup scene, our community should come together and celebrate entrepreneurship. Let’s learn, engage, connect and party with each other. Meet a co-founder. Forge partnerships for your company. Find some funding. Get out there and make our community even more awesome.

L.A. Startup Week isn’t just about partying and networking. It’s about creating community, and building a better economy in our city. Can you imagine how awesome business in L.A. would be if every one of our startups used each others services?

More ways we’re kicking ass

L.A. is responsible for launching the most Kickstarter campaigns in the world. We like to attribute that to the sheer amount creative talent and entrepreneurial spirit that spreads far and wide across our city.

Mark Suster, who recently summed up the magic of L.A.’s startup growth in a nifty blog post, says “L.A. isn’t just the entrepreneurial capital of the U.S., but it is also the creative capital.”

Los Angeles is a startup machine. We have Snapchat, Whisper and Tinder — let’s face it—some of the most addicting apps in the world. And when tech intersects with entertainment, think of Beats by Dre. We have female founded companies killing it in commerce, like Nasty Gal, Honest Company and Tradesy. We’re building the sharing economy with startups of humble beginnings like Washio, TaskUs and DogVacay.

Call to arms for L.A. startups

L.A. Startup Week is made for the community by the community. It’s a week-long series of events celebrating entrepreneurs and startups in our city—from parties to mentor sessions, even a daily basecamp where you can plug in and get caffeinated.

Get involved by attending or organizing an event, hosting a meetup, sponsoring, or simply buying some bagels and beer for your startup. Get up, get out, and meet your neighbors. And don’t forget to share the love with #LAStartupWeek.

In conclusion, L.A. is the best city in the world for entrepreneurs. Does this sound a little arrogant? Good, we should be proud. We’re making something special here. The community will celebrate with a week of events to showcase our vibrant startup community. Oh, and it’s all free.


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