Choosing your Crystals

This is the first Monday blog posting all about your crystals. This post is about how to choose a crystal intuitively.

Going into a crystal shop is like finding a calm oasis of healing bliss. I find I am always guided into a shop either with a specific purpose for myself or another. This is the first step to listen to that calling; you needn’t have a purpose in mind for why you feel drawn. Sometimes it is simply to make a visit, stand and feel the energy of all these crystals around you.

The way in which we choose crystals can be a very personal and intuitive process. There is so much information out there to date it can be a little overwhelming. All the information on offer is great and very informative but it can at times draw away from our intuitive process. For years I would choose a crystal and go straight to the books to see what it was good for. So for a long time have made associations made on my knowledge and colour choices. There is no right or wrong way but this blog post is to open up a more inner personal knowing and learn how to communicate with your crystals effectively.

Energetically the planet and ourselves have been going through some pretty amazing transformations. We are vibrating at much higher frequencies and are making more evolved choices as a result. We are listening to more of our “calling” and letting so much go which no longer serves our highest good. In line with all these changes many light workers have been assisting in the activations of the Earth’s Crystal grid and our “light” bodies are also being activated to that of a more crystalline structure. If you are are not sure what this means there is tons of information on the internet.

So with that in mind the process for choosing our crystals are ones which will specifically assist in these activations. They are unique to our DNA coding, so in this process let go of old attachments and meanings.

The important thing is to learn to listen to what your crystal has to say. The process can be similar to meditations like meeting your spirit guide or channelling.

Buying your crystal:

· Before you enter the shop take a moment to clear your mind and take in some cleansing breaths.

· With your next breath open up your crown chakra and breath in white light

· Ask this white light to fill your entire being and cleanse you.

· Now ask this light to flow through you and down through the ground to the centre of the earth.

· When you feel you are at the centre imagine a huge crystal cave with the biggest clear quartz you have ever seen and wrap this white light around it

· Now bounce this white light back up through your feet up to your heart and radiate 360* all around you.

· Now enter the shop and take a moment, allow your eyes to gaze but try to “feel” the energy the crystals are offering you and always be in gratitude.

· Now set your intention and ask the right crystal to stand out look around and see how you feel

· I often find it’s like my eye goes right to a crystal, it stands out almost shines brighter saying “pick me pick me”.

· Now as said go with your feeling when you have felt one pick it up hold it in your left hand

· Ask the crystal “are you the right crystal?” — you can ask in your mind

Feel what the answer is it’s quite often a clear YES/NO

· If no thank the crystal and out it back and do the process again

· Sometimes crystals want to connect with you for a little bit but not be taken home — I spent 40 minutes once in a shop with a grandfather quartz whom wanted to help heal my shoulder but he needed to stay in the shop J

So have some fun with them they are a beautiful part of Gaia and here so willing to assist us in opening up our intuitive senses and connect us with source and grounding us with the earth.

To follow on with this blog I shall be uploading simple guided meditations on you tube shortly on cleansing crystals, connecting your energy to them and how to use them in activating your crystalline light body.

For now have some fun play around with them listen to where they want to go either in helping during meditations or placing around the home. So go and buy a new crystal and the next blog posting shall be discussing how to listen to them and meditations

I would love your comments and any questions I shall do my best to answer.

Peas ZX

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