Mega-storm packing 150 mph winds and 50-foot waves set to pummel West Coast
Kevin Thomas Hulten

yeah…the tornado warning is what threw me. we don’t get tornadoes. perhaps dust devils or waterspouts, but not tornadoes. so imagine my surprise this morning when my phone alerted me to a tornado warning. my phone is old, and hasn’t had a number for months, and at one point towards the end of the time my old phone still worked, we went to SD to visit family near lemming. so the alert comes in, and I think “does the phone still think we are in SD?” 10 min. later my husband calls and says they’ve issued a tornado warning for the coast… So, now they are calling the tornado that hit Manzanita (35 miles north of me) a “waterspout”. No one was hurt, it just knocked down roof tiles, blew down trees and knocked out power (you know, the thing storms do every year out here). It also hit bay city, which is about 10 miles away. So far, not a whole lot of actual rain today- lots of sprinkling, a couple down pours here and there, LOTS of wind, but we still have power/internets, and no one I know is saying their house is gonna blow down, at least not seriously.

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