We got days till Christmas. And New Year.

The moment midnight strikes, people will be making their New Year’s resolutions for 2019. Whether you are starting fresh or picking up projects from where you left off in 2018 — we got you covered!

For Project Management

Brilliant project starts with brilliant ideas. And it all begins in Quire.

You can easily jot down your ideas and organize them in a nested task list, and focus on completing it in a visual Kanban board.

Be it teams, agencies, or companies, there must have been a time when they looked for project management tools or softwares, tried each one of them, and asked all sorts of questions about them, hoping to choose the best project management software to accomplish their next big, amazing projects.

Unfortunately, there is no one-for-all, perfect solution. Just the right one to help you boost your productivity.

What is the Right Project Management Software for You?

We had many users who told us they tried tens or even hundreds of apps they could find out there with no success, not until they met Quire; We also had to say goodbye…

Today, we are proud to announce: Quire Mark III for you to streamline your workflow visually in a board.

For years, many Quire users have enjoyed “nested tasks” to see and organize their ideas into a well-planned list of small, actionable to-dos.

Now, with Kanban board, execution on your to-dos is made even easier! You can focus on your daily, prioritized tasks in a visual representation of your workflow, and at any time switch to see the big picture of your actionable plan.

What Can You Do in A Board?

In the “Board” view of your project, you can add multiple boards, each with different statuses, to…

Quire is designed to help you realize your goals from first capturing your ideas, to turning them into minimal todos for action. Whenever, wherever you want.

Today, we took Quire iOS 2.0 to another level: not only did we added new features, we also enhanced it for better consistency and better UX so you can enjoy the same experience across all devices.

You can see the new features and enhancements highlighted below.

Multi-Select Tasks

You can now select multiple tasks simultaneously to bulk assign tasks.

For example, you can select 15 tasks to give them the same due date at once without…

Today, we are introducing an upgraded Quire 2.0 to better your navigation, and experience of Quire — we just cannot resist the temptation to perfect our UI/UX!

In this upgrade, you will enjoy a new UI for easier, faster navigation between your project’s different views, and a whole new level filtering experience to help you focus on certain tasks.

And a big thanks to all our users who have talked to us. Your voice have always been the voice that motivates us.

Navigation, Made Even Smoother in Your Workspace

Some of you might have trouble noticing the navigation bar at the bottom.

Now, this bottom navigation bar…

A new year is a new start, and it often comes with a new determination to do better, and be better.

If 2017 ended unhappily for you with chaos like sticky notes being everywhere all the time, figuring out what was where in your head nonstop and chasing after your colleagues for updates tirelessly, it is time for a change.

That change, is GTD method. If you haven’t heard or read about Getting Things Done, Proposed by David Allen, it is a way for getting organized and stay productive.

Finally, it is here. Kicking off the new year 2018, we are proud to present to you: Quire for Android.

We see it as our mission to keep a simple, clean interface, including a neat task list. However, for those of you who want to easily identify your tasks and projects in a long list, you can use Markdown, and CSS styles to make them stand out. Additionally, if you want to add special characters, HTML entities are supported too.

Here are a couple examples to get you started:

Add Color & Styles to Task Names

If you type a task name like this:

{color:green|a green task}

You will see:

Quire’s “Shared Links” feature makes it super easy for you to collaborate with your clients. We all know that sometimes, clients have their own habits and it is hard to ask them to change. Now, in addition to asking them to sign up Quire, you can get them to view your Quire project with one single invitation link, and zero effort on their part!

Your clients are just one click away!

All you need to do is send your clients a link. Once they click the link, they will be able to view your project. No need to register an account, or sign in anything! …

José Luís Prado, 2nd generation of family-owned business ITAUEIRA

José Luís Prado and his family see it as their mission to bring their well-established melons Melão REI from their hometown in Ceará, northern Brazil, to countries all over the globe.

Founded in 1983 by his father Carlos, José is the 2nd generation of this family-owned business ITAUEIRA. They grow all kinds of melons from yellow honeydew melons to green melons, watermelons as well as grapes, and ship them to countries including the United States, Chile, Dubai, Russia, Holland, Spain and Italy.

Commercializing their best melons from domestically to internationally is not easy.

Not only are the family and their…

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