Not On Our Watch

This article is about moving forward and this photo encapsulates why it matters. I created this photo in Palestine 10 years ago — and shows exactly what we all should stand up for and protect.

We’ve been through a tough week. Total understatement.

I spent the week in fantasy land. A beautiful Rocky Mountain town filled with tourists and adults who’ve chosen to disengage on some level from society.

Some of them for good reason, others from fear of trying. But that’s not what I want to talk about.

I want to talk about the hatred I see in people. People I’ve known and other’s I haven’t. I can not understand how these people can actually utter the words of pure hatred — claiming that entire populations should be removed from the country, or worse — exterminated. I see it. I hear it. And I ask them to stop speaking.

I try to compensate for their hate by being kind to others like me. A minority. Someone who woke up on Wednesday, 11/9 and feared for their future and their safety.

And I want to say to you, racist white males who walk around spewing hatred and ignorance, that history will not be kind to you.

You may have a few years of glory, with unPOTUS, supreme racist and his Cabinet of Deplorables, but you will lose in the end.

For history has never looked kindly upon the hate-filled, sheeple populations among us. Those who blindly chant for the extermination of those unlike themselves. Who cling to ignorance and their lack of compassion as a balm that justifies their fear-driven language and militant actions.

I have a few words for you, assholes. Fuck off.

We are facing too many perils of civilization to watch you frantically — and publicly — cling to a yesteryear that celebrated the Utopian falsity of the white male as the supreme savior and protector of all things good in this world.

Let me fucking tell you this… your come to Jesus moment will suck ass. And it won’t happen publicly. Your come to Jesus moment will happen when you silently realize, alone in your bedroom stewing in your own hatred and dying a quiet death by a thousand hours of loneliness, that you could have had it all.

You, racist white male, could have embraced this world and shown our children what truth, compassion and justice look like. You could have stood up for that child’s ability to walk through a forest of luscious green trees and drink clean water. You could have celebrated that young girl’s right to be safe or that young Muslim's right to be in this country and given them the platform to shine upon.

You could have given them a platform to change the world.

You could have stood next to the black man beside you and said no, not on my watch. I’ll protect you. You could have embraced that woman and supported her fight for redemption against her attacker. You could have supported her right for agency over her own body. You could have empowered that young immigrant whose mother cooks your dinners and celebrated the ethnic and racial diversity that gives your community a vibrant heart and soul.

You could have stood up for your place in history and said no, not on my watch. Not today. And not tomorrow.

Instead you chose hatred. You chose to blindly believe what the media told you. Instead you chose to believe the politicians before you — even though deep down you could see through the rouse.

Instead, you chose to protect your supremacy and support people who openly said they will destroy anything not white, American or not christian.

Instead, you used your power to destroy your country. And no, we won’t normalize your hatred.

We won’t coddle your ignorance and look away from your inability to understand the modern world you live within.

I’ll no longer be a quiet voice of passive acceptance, the objective journalist watching and waiting from a distance. Nope, that ship has sailed. I’ll use all of my gifts and abilities to stand for everything that you won’t — or can’t.

No, we will fight for that child, that minority, that woman and that religion. We will fight for our America and we will be on the right side of history. We will fight for our right to speak and be heard.

And your come to Jesus moment will be a quiet, painful reckoning of complacency, regret and missed opportunity. The missed opportunity of participating in the revolution.

A revolution for equality, freedom and joy. A revolution that will, eventually, stare down hatred and rid this country of the bullies ramming racism and corporatism down our throats.

We will stand for everything you don’t. We will speak up. We will say what others fear. We will fight and we will be right. No matter how long it takes. And tomorrow will be better because of our voices.