Insights of Meditation & importance of crystals in Meditation

Multiple techniques are available in meditation that keeps your mind calm. Know how crystals and Gemstones are effective in meditation.

Meditation with crystals

Meditation is a state of mind during which, you can visualize thoughtless attention. Meditation means transforming your mind from stressful or unnecessary thoughts to thoughtless awareness. Being meditative means controlling your mind from negative thoughts and keeping it calm. Meditation is the key to a happy & peaceful life.

Not only mentally, meditation is advantageous in every facet of life like physically, emotionally and spiritually as well. Physically, it relaxes your body and decreases the stress. In other words, you can define meditation as; it is the state of mind where you can meet with yourself.The great thing about meditation is; it is not considered as any special art or you don’t need any phenomenal talent to be meditative.

Different types of meditation are there. Some popular types are Concentration Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, Vipassana Meditation, Heart-centered Meditation, etc. Concentration meditation is a heart of all types. In this type, you need to concentrate on any single object, particular phrase or word that increase capacity to remain calm & focused.

Crystals & Gemstones are said to be a very effective & powerful weapons in meditation. It is the best way to achieve specific results during meditation. There is no any specific choice of crystals for meditation. Any crystals or gemstones that are having healing properties and energies can be used as meditative crystals. Though choosing the right crystals depends on your intention of meditation and it is quite important. As we know healing crystals are having a massive amount of energy, it is very helpful in meditation that gives you positive energy & full of confidence by absorbing crystal’s energy.

Types of crystals that can be used as a meditation:

Quartz crystals: Quartz crystal is the first choice amongst all healing crystals for meditation.They vibrate at the more frequency than other crystals. Quartz crystals activates all levels of awakening.

Amethyst crystals: After quartz, amethyst is the most advisable crystals from veterans for meditation as it gives more calmness, expands consciousness and increases your imagination power.

Aquamarine crystals: Crystals that let you meet with yourself. It means they increase your self-awareness.

Moonstone: Directs your unconscious mind to the conscious mind and increases self-reflection.

Crystal cluster: It maintains relationships between two peoples & increases harmony with each other.

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