How to deal with failing new hires despite good interviews

This originated from my short answer to a question on Quora (

As a manager, how do you deal with people who aces the interviews but eventually fails on the job?

At the first place, interviews aren’t everything in the recruitment process. Employers must also look at resume, references, portfolio, etc. to ensure of a good hire.

However, if the worst case scenario does happen, that’s what trial month and onboarding are for.

At companies with experience in dealing with this, they’d have a good onboarding process/training to make sure new hires are well integrated and up to speed. As a manager, in your case, I’d say find a way to tackle the mentioned challenge via your onboarding.

If everything fails, you gotta let the trial month do its job — let that bad hire go. As someone who’s made the mistake of not letting a bad hire go, I’m telling you — it’ll cost you more than what you get back from it, in the long run. It’s more cost efficient to let go and look for another one.

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