What The Fuck, America? In Which Trump is Right Less Often Than a Broken Clock

Idiot-in-Chief-for-Life George W. Bush criticized Trump in surprisingly direct and grammatically correct language earlier today. I’m not going to play some “enemy of my enemy” game but, damn, if “Brownie, you’re doing a heckuva job” knows you’ve fucked up, you’ve fucked up.

This is after evil mastermind Dick Cheney “denounced” Trump and his stupid Muslim travel ban. When a guy who shoots his friends in the face tells you you’re mistaken….

I was researching this comic trying to think of canonical supervillains and of course thought of fucking Kissinger. Imagine my surprise when I found the old bastard approves of Trump’s relationship with Putin. Odds are Kissinger is making bank with the Russkies, too, so it makes sense if you look at it on your wall-sized viewscreen from your lair under the volcano.