In this review I mainly focus on High Market cap ($100,000,000) and Mid-Market Cap ($10,000,000) coins from All rankings and data are from 12.01.2020.

Store of value

Store of value coins aim to store value like digital gold. When speculations and volatility are over, a general price will set in, at that point store of value coins will be a great way to protect your wealth.

Bitcoin (BTC) #1

Many people try to claim that their coin is “the real Bitcoin” to confuse people and to get them to invest into their coin. Bitcoin Cash BCH #4 at at the moment (12.01.2020) tried to…

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NNS this is the company where you can buy .neo domains as long as they are availabe. As it is a decentralized domain name service, you cannot just buy the domain right away. Don’t worry if you can’t read chinese, you can translate their website in the upper right corner.

After clicking the web wallet button on the website, a new tab opens where you first have to generate a new wallet. This will be your “Account” where your domains are stored. …

My Crypto Heroes is probably the most underrated block chain game on the market right now. It might even be among the top 10 mobile games of 2020.

By playing the game you can turn your time into assets. Level up different heroes, items and extensions to create in game value, which can be traded on the marketplace. It reminds you of a classical turn based rpg, but this time it has a lot of great twists.

With a Market cap of 36,971.51 Ether, 2181 active users and 46,342 assets, My Crypto Heroes is the biggest crypto mobile game played…

When information becomes power.

Cryptic Conjure is a classic rpg with a few modern twists. Although there are spells and basic attack, you can’t just spam your enemies down like in World of Warcraft. The key to success is balancing your mana and stamina points, to dodge all of the attacks and to deal the most amount of damage with spell chains.

Title Screen

This game is all about secrets. Players are able to craft nearly infinite amount of items and spells, where every spell is unique.

I played the demo in normal mode and in hard mode. At first the controls…

There is a new way to interact with the blockchain, through You can Buy, sell or even store your cryptocurrencies to get staking benefits. Also a really interesting benefit is, the ability to get a Metal Visa Card with up to 5% back on all spending.

The CRO Coin itself is on rank #25 of with a Market Cap of $457,574,297, a Total Supply of 100,000,000,000 CRO although there are only 12,828,310,502 CRO Circulating right now.

It really may seem like another exchange and wallet which doesn’t do anything spectacular, but really combines every aspect of blockchain…

Hey everyone, it’s me again! People that more or less know me aware that I’m pretty venturous and risky person. This time it’s not about making money, but how to start making it.

If you have never bought crypto before, this can be a real challenge. First of all you need a trusted exchange, where you can deposit Fiat money (USD,EUR etc..)

In my experience has been a very good exchange to do that job, as i never had bigger issues which couldn’t be resolved nor did any exchange hacks happen. is a US-based cryptocurrency exchange, founded in…

Hey everyone, it’s me again! People that more or less know me aware that I’m pretty venturous and risky person. It doesn’t mean I spend hours playing slot machines or in casino. I much prefer getting my adrenalin in other ways.

High-risk investments — is one of them. Especially if it’s a blockchain based game with huge potential.

DISCLAIMER: This review is not an impetus for investments or a call to play this game. It’s just for explanatory purpose and of course for fun. Invest at your own risk.

⁉️ The “Golden” rule of the investor — only invest the…


I started trading BTC and other cryptocurrencies in late 2017. Now i am exploring all the dapps and games crypto has to offer.

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