Algorithmic Trading Platform to Hit Cryptocurrencies by End of Year

The Future is Algorithmic

The world is moving towards an era of greater and greater automation. More than 75% of all trades made on global stock markets are the result of algorithmic trading (trading strategies executed by computer programs). The immature cryptocurrency markets, however, are lacking tools for algorithmic trading and other innovations found in traditional asset classes.

At the same time, more and more investors, retail and institutional, are looking for opportunities to gain exposure to this market. This has already resulted in a wave of new hedge funds, seeking to apply quantitative methods to cryptocurrencies.

Mirroring earlier transformations in traditional asset classes, we are now witnessing a transition of trading decisions in crypto to trading bots. So far, most bots have only employed simple rules-based trading, and only a few attempts have been made at anything more complex such as machine learning based trading.

Cryzen Trading Platform

Into this fast-changing ecosystem steps Cryzen, a new trading platform leveraging these trends and providing solutions to some of the key challenges faced by developers and traders seeking to trade cryptocurrencies algorithmically.

Cryzen Trading Platform

Former quants and machine learning engineers will appreciate the development environment and data pipeline, which accelerates the time to live trading by handling all of the tedious tasks associated with building a test environment and accessing fragmented data. Data to be provided by Cryzen include:

  • Orderbook level price data from various exchanges (at a whopping 1 sec rate)
  • Relevant twitter feeds, reddit posts, and google search data
  • Cryptocurrency event data (new exchange listings, network upgrades, and more)
  • Blockchain level data (confirmation times, network congestion, large transactions, and more)

To collect, organize, and interact with all of this data in a meaningful way would require a mammoth effort for a developer building their own pipeline. Further, the Cryzen online code editor supports development in Python, allowing developers access to all of their favorite Python machine learning libraries, such as Tensorflow, Keras, and Scikit-learn.

For traders with no programming skills, there will be a series of easily modifiable template algorithms that can be tweaked and run from a simple frontend user interface. Such users can customize and implement strategies based on momentum, arbitrage, volatility, and pretrained machine learning models to name a few.

Onwards into 2018

2018 is a year of maturation in the cryptocurrency space as more serious investors diversify into cryptocurrencies, and deep technical expertise is brought onto trading operations and the data pipelines on which they depend.

Given the 24/7 global nature of the cryptocurrency asset class, more sophisticated bots trading on complete and detailed information is the way forward for investors. To this end, Cryzen is poised to play a valuable role in 2018 by providing traders and investors simplified access to the tools needed for complex algorithmic trading.

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