Cryzen Battle of the Bots #1 Current Results - April 30th

As of April 30th 23:59PM UTC time, the following are the rankings of the top 5 bots contending to win battle of the bots #1.

Current Results

We currently have Jason at the #1 spot. All bots started with $100 USDT, with Jason’s bot having traded to $101.06 USDT.

Jason — 101.06 USDT
Terje — 97.45 USDT
Brenton — 96.43 USDT
Shuvro — 91.44 USDT
Yash — 91.44 USDT

If you haven’t been following, the first Cryzen algo trading competition started last month, and the top 5 bots (selected based on backtesting on data from March 6th to April 6th of 2019) have been running head to head on the live markets since April 14th.

The bots have 2 more weeks left, much can change in the crypto markets in such a time frame! (Hopefully, tether does not implode by then).

Trend following for the midway lead!

Here is a screenshot of Jason’s bot (green dots = buys, red dots = sells):

Jason’s bot is a trend following bot — this means when there is an uptrend the bot buys assuming the price will continue going up, and when there is a downtrend the bot sells (if it is currently in a position) assuming that the price will go down.

In particular, Jason’s strategy buys if the 3 day price change is positive, and sells when the 3 day price change is negative (that’s all!).

This is Jason’s algo over the his qualifying backtesting time period (Mar 6 — Apr 6):

Thanks all to those participating!

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