Literature on Painting out UI

As I stare at the screen, the infinite canvas bathes me in its light.

I constantly think of the composition.

I wonder about the subject.

I seek the right materials to paint-out the UI.

I try to find context through the research I’ve been doing, constantly going back and forth to my notes.

I am the painter trying to make sense of the modern canvas.

I apply what other masterpieces have done before me.

I reason.

I discuss.

I let out a sigh of dismay.

I grunt as I disgust myself.

I glee as I hold onto new materials.

I find meaning with each stroke of key.

I exuberate at the creation of an underlying structure.

A distant voice repeats, it is that of Picasso’s.

Good artists copy, great artists steal.

I visualize, express what’s inside of me.

I toil at creation.

The constant enactment of expressing what’s on my mind is letting my brain sweat.

I am constantly drawing to find the perfect line between space.

I am in search of the perfect curve of that magnificent body.

I take a step back and criticize my own methods.

I krill at the thought of giving my work to the world.

The world is in need of UI artists.

Artists whom know how to struggle in creative dialogue.

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