Has it ever been clearer that we need to fix our broken health care system?

We need a comprehensive, equitable, publicly funded, and high-quality health care system to serve all Oregon residents.

When my father went through cancer treatment it literally bankrupt my family. This is an unfortunately American story — and this was the story during “good” economic times — before COVID. The cracks in the healthcare system that my family slipped through then have opened wide today, exposing the massive divide that exists between those with access to care and those without.

As we move forward, let’s seize the opportunity to create a true public health system. Our healthcare system cannot “go back to normal” because “normal” has meant inequitable, expensive healthcare in which historically marginalized communities have worse outcomes.

When I am in office, I will be a champion for healthcare for all. As a recent article noted, “…health care, including its patient-safety component, is too big and too complex to be steered only by medical professionals.” We need true advocates, familiar with the legislative process, who are unafraid to stand up to moneyed interests.

Those inside the current system, hospitals, insurance companies, lobbyists, and other insiders will continue to fight to protect their turf and their profits. I am not inside that system. My only vested interest is in ensuring that all Oregon families have affordable, quality, equitable care.

Chair of Hose Healthcare Committee Rep. Salinas says we need Christina in Salem.

There is no doubt that it will require fighting special interests to deliver universal healthcare. I was made for this fight.

True healthcare leaders are independent and don’t accept campaign contributions from those who actively work to restrict access to healthcare, like big Pharma and insurance companies.

True healthcare leaders recognize that we must invest in our nurses, healthcare staff, and cleaning crews that carry out the hard work of providing care — not treat them as expendable cogs in a profit-generating machine.

The COVID crisis has left many jobless and therefore without health insurance. The link between healthcare access and employment has long been a toxic one: one that, as a civil rights attorney, I’ve seen silence whistleblowers and harassment victims, perpetuate unsafe and illegal practices, and hold countless workers hostage because they fear losing health insurance for their family.

This is the time to break from the inefficient and inhumane coupling of employment and health insurance.

This is the time to deliver the healthcare Oregonians deserve.

Mom, civil rights attorney, small business owner.