3.2 Update Preview

Hello, I am CM Meiji, who is the director of Black Survival.

So far I had written an update preview only in Korean, and from now I want to let you know in English, too.

# June 28, 3.2 Update

As always, I’m going to show you a preview of only major system updates. Details such as bug fixes and balance adjustments will be released as [Patch Notes] soon. It’s still under development, so the sample image is a temporary image.

<New characters — Adella>
 Adella arrives at Lumia Island. Check the Character Preview for details.

<Japanese Language>
Japanese language is available now. A few days later, you can download the game in the Japanese market.
 The Japanese service is in a soft launch stage, and the character voice is provided in English.

<Encounter screen>
When you encounter an enemy, the game now shows the enemy’s information more directly. It displays enemy’s HP as a gauge and shows all the equipments.
This improvement is for beginners. Also, I expect to give more intense feedback at the time of the attack.

<Battle log system improvement>
Fixed the delay of action log.

It looks simple, but it’s actually a pretty big change because there are a lot of complicated issues involved. So far, there has been some delay in the action log during the battle. 
It was not easy to deal with the problem of overlapping two or more attacks in a real-time game. Also, we had to consider the basic delay of the mobile network.

So we fixed this battle log system as a whole.

Now, even the stamina is below 0, the maximum health does not decrease anymore.

Exhaustion is no longer an event but a status. In other words, If your character is exhausted, the stamina remains zero, and it will consume twice of HP instead of stamina.
 (If your Stamina is low and meet William at the moment, you can be hit hard!)

<Clang clatter>
Now you can make a Clang clatter by crafting. You need Can and Dish. When you use it, you get a “noise” effect to all other users.
 This can be linked to aptitude <ambush>, trap, or barbara’s Turret.

Clang Clatter is just one small item, but we will continue to add items like this, for unique strategies and your own tactics at every battle.

# Further Tasks (since July)

Thanks to the Google feature, new users are exploding. But now it’s time to get back to basics. We want to improve the game in the long term by reflecting user feedback.

<Push notification>
I have been thinking “Push alarm is a pollution.” But some users want to receive information through push notifications.
We will send a patch note for each update to the user who allowed push notifications. We will also send you an answer to your inquiry or a new character release.

<Store restructuring>
I’m going to make some special discounts.

- Recommended products for beginners
 ① Starter pack: discounted gems+golds, only once per account
 ② Character Pack: A product that sells several characters recommended for beginners with a full upgrades.

- To all users
 ① Weekly Character discount rotation — 3 characters for 50%
 ② Weekly Skin discount rotation — 3 skins for 50%

<New language beta service>
We had translated English and Japanese by ourselves, but it took too much time.
We are going to translate the 20,000 words-the core part of gameplay-first, and start the native language beta service quickly even if the quality drops. We will improve the scope and quality of translation quickly while receiving feedback from native users.

The first target is Thai and another one language. A few users suggested volunteering to help translation. I really appreciate it. Thanks to them, it may be possible to add some additional languages beta.


We plan to add one character for each major update. The next turn is the Adriana.

If you kill another player, you receive a bonus on rank points. Deaths without a killer, such as a suicide or a Restricted zone death, will be awarded to the winner.

We are planning to add function selecting a starting weapon so that players can play the secondary mastery easy.

As always, drafts can be changed. I would like a lot of feedback from you!

Thank you!