[New Character] Lenox

A new face has arrived at Lumia Island. She’s a merry angler, happily humming along as she watches her fishing rod. But there is something suspicious about her…

Next week, we will introduce Lenox to Black Survival!

SKILL #1 — FISHING (Field Skill, 100 sec cooldown)

After channeling for 5 sec, reel in a random Ingredient (Uncommon and below). Has a very small chance to reel in a mysterious object. (Only usable near sources of water)

SKILL #2 — BLUESNAKE (Combat Skill, 100 sec cooldown)

Bind the enemy with the fishing rod, dealing 80% normal attack dmg and restricting their movement. For 10 sec, the enemy’s skill dmg is reduced by 35% and changing areas inflicts 14 skill dmg.