A few thoughts on today.

Osteen is in a PR hell of his own doing, a few tweets or a post (and not deleting a fb post) and it’s a non-issue. “We have contacted the city and are scheduled to be a back up shelter. We have people on site checking our property for damage and safety. We are here for you Houston! Our doors are open and we will start actively taking people when the city sends them our way!” But nope, none of that till after the mess. They know better. Evangelism is primarily PR.

In the next few days it’s going to become more and more clear that the record rainfall is going to hang around a lot longer and that more people are going to be in a bad place because of the anti-government bias in Texas. The lack of regulations and policy related to infrastructure/road systems/water drainage/zoning is going to magnify damage. The new insurance cronyism laws going into effect Sept 1 will drastically reduce the ability for people to get the insurance money they have been paying for and are due.

The clear impact of climate change in the severity and record rainfall with Harvey will be ignored and downplayed because of horribly mislead reading of the scientific findings. And it will be done by many of the same people who scream about not politicizing . . . All after a new report comes out showing that Exxon knew about global warming in the 70s and spent a lot of money to hide it.

The number of people preemptively blaming liberals for the potential future popularity of Trump and right wing narratives because of antifa and ‘those crazed leftists’ is gross. It’s super weird blame shifting. It’s like blaming Obama for the govt response to Katrina. So, Trump is going to be more popular because of the liberal negative response to him positively responding to white supremacists? He is going to become more popular because some liberals are doing what many conservatives said they would do related to violently rebelling against a growing-in-authoritarianism government? He is going to get more popular because a few on the left pick up the same actions as a few on the right? It’s like the online obfuscation of Nazi and fascism. . . “So, it’s not the people screaming “The Jews will not replace us” — “Blood and Soil” and are carrying Nazi flags that are the real nazis it’s the people protesting them. . . “ Bleh

The Trump-Russia investigation is gaining ground. It’s gonna get ugly. GOP legislators are already trying to defund the investigation. But considering the number of people who still think Benghazi and Hillary’s emails and Obama’s citizenship are still not fully investigated, I’m not sure how this will play out. Trump’s statement about being able to shoot someone in the middle of the street and not lose voters, seems to be true.

There is as much price gouging going on as there is looting, and much of the looting is just people trying to feed their families in a flood destroyed place where electricity is down and everything is closed.

In spite of all of the politics and turmoil and stupid people doing stupid things and desperate people doing desperate things and horrific record breaking natural disaster, there are countless people ignoring all of that and sacrificing their time and energy and money to help. For every picture of looters there are a thousand of people with boats going house to house getting people to safety. There are people going around rescuing pets and pulling bats out of the water that would otherwise drown because their nests in the top of underpasses are flooded. There are churches, mosques, temples, businesses, homes, stadium that have opened their doors to give people a dry and warm place to stay. There are stories of women walking miles in waist high water to go to work (one to Whataburger — which is as Texas of a thing as i’ve ever heard).

I’m sure we all agree on some things and disagree on others. And while i’ll never say we should ignore or even minimize our differences, we should also realize that we are more alike than we are different. We shouldn’t reduce ourselves or others to one single data point or group identity, even if that group identity is human. There is room in unity for diversity, and diversity won’t last without unity.

I just hope we can get past much of the blame games and get to creating solutions. And i really hope we can let the people that have lost so much grieve and emote and get past their shock and get back to living before we make them poster people for our narratives. . .

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