About all the #MeToo Posts

Seeing all the people posting #metoo, and it’s nearly every woman on here, is overwhelming. I’m not surprised though. I know the world we live in. Having said that, it is unacceptable that over half of our population is not safe. Over half of our population has be violated.

Considering it is overwhelmingly perpetrated by men, I don’t have a problem singling out by gender.

Men, we must do better. Those harassed or raped or abused are human beings. They have a right to not be violated and to not be taken advantage of. They have a right to walk down any street in any manner of dress and not be harassed or catcalled or made to feel like a piece of meat or attacked or assaulted or raped. They have a right to be treated as equals at work and not demeaned or harassed or propositioned or have their job threatened if they don’t be the sexual object you think they are.

It’s not because they are our daughters and mothers and sisters and children either. It is not their relationship to us that makes them valuable.

And it’s not usually even about sexuality. It’s about power. It’s about the power to control another human making them smaller and making yourself bigger. No amount of modest clothing will stop it. That’s just more victim blaming and protection of the power dynamic that lets this continue to exist.

I know this is a difficult problem, but I know we can fix this if we look at the ugliness of humanity straight on and work to be better.

A few things.

The only thing that grants you access to another person is that person. No matter the relationship or power dynamic, without active consent from the person, it is sexual assault or rape.

Consent can be revoked at any time. If so, you must stop or it becomes sexual assault or rape.

Previous relationships or sexual activity is not automatic consent. You can rape your spouse.

This is not a kink shame or slut shame post either. People like different things, and that’s fine. Just get consent first and be safe and respect the boundaries of our fellow humans.

Men are sexually assaulted too. Believe them. Remember it is mostly about power. The victim was violate and had their power taken away, don’t add further insult to injury by piling on more devaluing.

To my trans friends, I see and hear you too. I know that as a group, you are violated and attacked at higher rates than basically any other group. This is also unacceptable. You are beautiful and wonderful human beings that deserve every human right too. It is a gigantic failure of culture that it is even debated. You deserve every right to exist and be you in private and public spaces, and do so without harassment or attacks.

I am sorry for your pain. As much as I am able, I am here for you and I strive to be a positive ally. I hear you. I believe you. Let us all work together towards healing and making our cultures places of equality and respect for all humanity.

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