I just read a post where a person used a bible verse to imply that not only is Drumpf doing the will of God, but that he is God’s chosen vessel in doing it. It was easily one of the most insane posts i’ve ever read.

Welcome to the freak show people. Where all reason, decency, love, respect, and kindness get thrown out of the window on the altar of money, perceived power, hatred, and “big balls.” The arguments people can pull out of the bible to justify things is beyond belief.

Drumpf is a failed reality tv star, a failed businessman, a multiple divorcee, speaks in public at a 5th grade level, wants to be in a romantic relationship with his daughter, is incendiary, has retweeted white supremacist memes, has said numerous misogynistic things, has said numerous racist things, did not immediately reject the KKK’s support, doesn’t have any substantial policy proposals, continually flip flops and shifts positions, is disrespectful towards our national allies, 77% of his statements checked by Politifact were found to be mostly false or worse, has openly supported violence against protestors at his events, talked about his dick at a debate, and can only really spout slogans and hate.

He is prideful, loves money, brags about himself and his wealth all the time, he is boastful, he scorns advisors, he doesn’t count the cost of his business ventures, and he is always talking. He is almost exactly the fool as described in Proverbs and Psalms. If you judge a man by his fruit, Trumps fruit is terrible.

The only way him as a presidential candidate makes sense is if you want the United States to fall, you don’t know the difference between reality and tv fantasy, or you worship all the things Trump does and have managed to rationalize that to yourself and call it the God of the Bible.

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