Philadelphia Eagles: Draft Thoughts

The NFL draft is in 45 days. 45 days from now is April 30, 2015. Get Pumped. What will the Eagles do? Who. The. Fuck. Knows. The way this off-season is going I’ll bet all my money on this being the most unpredictable/exciting/insane/wild draft in Eagles history. Will Chip trade up for his man crush, Marcus Mariota? Will he trade up for a WR or Safety? Will he stand firm at 20 and take the best player available?

Well, LA DreadHead, I’ll tell you who. Let’s look at the 2 positions I feel are the biggest needs.

Wide Receiver

The past two off-seasons have seen DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin go buh-bye. This leaves a hole in the WR corp…a big one, considering Riley Cooper is penciled in as your number 2 WR, which he failed miserably at last year. Jordan Matthews should continue his progression as he looks to be the #1 option going into the year. Josh Huff will be the slot receiver. Mmmmyeah, WR is a need. The 2 top options in the draft this year are Alabama’s Amari Cooper and West Virginia’s Kevin White. Most mocks I have seen have them going in the top 10. I have not seen a game of Kevin White so I cannot comment on him. I, like much of the nation, have seen Amari Cooper play. To put it simply: He’s good. Speed, size, and hands. Pretty good mixture. No way would I go that direction though. Too much to give up to get in position to draft him…unless he falls which isn’t likely. Verdict: Look later in the draft, round 2 or 3 to find a WR.


Ummmm, does this position really need an explanation? Safety has been a cluster fuck since Dawkins left. Malcolm Jenkins proved to be a good signing but he needs a partner. I have one name. One name only. Alabama safety Landon Collins. Mocks I have seen have him going around the Eagles pick at 20. The highest I have seen is 15 and the lowest is 21. I crave an SEC player on defense and from his highlights homie can play. His combination of ball skills, tackling, play recognition, ball pursuit, and speed will translate nicely to the pro game. Peep the video below.

Verdict: This dude is our first round pick at 20. If you need to move up a few slots, do it.


*whispers softly* I love you, Marcus.

That would be the most exciting option. Admittedly, I would be urging Chip on even though its against my beliefs. I believe you build through the draft with as many picks as possible. However, if Chip feels Mariota is the franchise QB that can lead the Eagles to that ever elusive first Super Bowl, then by all means Chip, go for it. I would totally log on to the Eagles pro shop and buy a Mariota jersey. Madden 16 would totes be exciting too.

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