MLB Champions™- Introducing Packs and Season Passes

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Mar 29 · Unlisted

Now is the time to show that you are an MLB Champion! The MLB Champions™ Draft is now Live and with it comes the arrival of Figure Packs!

Each MLBC Figure Pack you buy will add one, three, nine, eighteen or forty-five(!) MLBC figures to your collection. The Figures are all new for the 2019 season and come with a wide variety of special attributes and variants, such as the brand new Metallic (2019 Rose Gold Edition).

2019 Rose Gold Edition

Because we are so excited for the beginning of our MLB Champions™ Draft, we are offering an amazing incentive to our users. Each Pack purchase will include bonus Caps that you can use to claim rewards when the Season opens!

In addition, to regular MLB Champions™ packs, you can also purchase a Season Pass! The Season Pass offers a plethora of benefits all Season long and beyond!

Amazing benefits all season long!

Season Pass Details

Regular Season

Season Pass holders will earn double (2x) the Caps on every game card they have active for the ENTIRE REGULAR SEASON!

Here is how it works:

  • At the end of a game, your game card will earn points that are then converted into Caps and having the Season Pass will double that amount of Caps.
  • Example: Your Game Card earns 1000 points for a game. 1000 points translates to 1000 Caps. Season Pass Holders will earn an additional 1000 caps, for a total of 2000 Caps!

Post Season

Season Pass holders will also earn 1 free Post Season Game Card for each eligible team in the Post Season!

  • 10 total post season game cards, one for each team in the Post Season.
  • 5 National League Game Cards and 5 American League Game Cards for the teams in the Post Season.

Additionally, you will continue to earn double Cap at the end of every Post Season game!

Bonus Perks

  • Once the Post Season concludes, the Season Pass will be converted into a special Figure to signify participation in the 2019 MLB Season.
  • This will be a FT asset that will be minted to the blockchain.

Don’t miss out on this special offer! Season Passes will only be available during the Draft and once Gameplay starts, they will be gone for good.

Build your Collection now to get a head start on the beginning of the MLB Champions™ Season, and we will see you on the field!

Need help getting started? Head on over to our Getting Started with Diamond and Packs blog for detailed instructions on how to start playing!

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