An Era Of Mental Health Issues Affect Us All — Begin By Stopping Common Fears And Misunderstanding…

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Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash

Mental health and mental illness. We all live on a fluid spectrum between the two. That spectrum of experience changes slightly to majorly depending on what we are going through, and many other factors — some in our control through awareness and choice — and many others that are out of our control due to: genetics, situations, unhealthy systems, emergencies, and many other involuntary factors.

There are so many aspects we need to address — in education, in our lives and systems…I cannot begin to elaborate on it all here and now. Yet, overall, we need better methods, education, communication, social media, and systems — ones that are more healing, proactive, altruistic, aware, and honest. This kind of needed change (related to mental health) ranges from the need to dismantle the corrupt, abusive systems that contribute to trauma, systemic discrimination, environmental destruction and pollution, and mental health disruptions — to accessibility to affordable, safe, and healthy: education, support/healthcare, food, drink, supplements and medication. …

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Album cover for Toaster Ghost’s debut “Electric Breakfast”.

The band Toaster Ghost is a sci-fi/psychedelic flavored indie rock band from the Driftless Area of western Wisconsin. They released their debut album “Electric Breakfast” this Summer, and Jeff Sherin, the guitarist, is here to introduce you to the new sounds and lots of other fun facts.

Make sure you don’t miss this band, and the joy their music can give you.

Tell us about yourself, Jeff…

Jeff: I am a lefty lead guitarist, amp enthusiast (Divided By 13 and Vox in particular), mystery box maker, and am known to multi-task during gigs by creating feedback and adjusting knobs during solos while also making burnt toast onstage that I toss out to the hungry audience. …

Shifting our thoughts and actions to create lasting change that contributes to the Common Good

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Art by Warwick Goble, PD

After I earned my MA degree in Servant Leadership in the Spring of 2006, one of the major lessons that stayed with me was the understanding that real change — that is ethical and accountable, the kind that lasts — does not happen overnight, it takes time.

For an ethical leader (and the average person seeking to change destructive habits and live more ethically), this means being dedicated to the best possible outcome and positive impacts for all involved. …


C.S. Sherin

C.S. Sherin, MA, is a writer, poet, and artist who creates engaging content across genres; and provides specialized editing services at

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