Dynasty Field Day Recap

On Friday, April 1st, CSA Dynasties gathered on Tech Green to battle each other…in field day activities! We hope you all had a fun time playing these games with us, as they were very entertaining to watch and participate in. For more amazing photos of the day, check out our Dropbox here! Big THANK YOU to Zoë A. for taking these lovely photos.

To start, we had the three-legged race. Dynasty members rush across Tech Green and back, hoping to be the first duo to cross the finish line.

Run, run, as fast as (the both of) you can!

Next, we had a balloon popping competition. Four members of each Dynasty lined up to prepare for the relay race: the first person would run to the chair on the other side of the field, sit on the balloon to pop it, and rush back to tag the next person. How hard could that be?

Let’s take a break after all those intense events. Participants were able to enjoy a snow cone (thank you, RHA) between activities and rest in the shade of our tent.

Finally, the big finale, tug of war! This final activity definitely made for some of the best pictures (and the sorest muscles…you guys are so strong). Spoiler alert: black team wins this event!

Final places from the event!

1st place: Zhang-Lu Dynasty (Team Black) 🥇

2nd place: Zheng Dynasty (Team Blue) 🥈

3rd place: A tie! Yu-Lin Dynasty (Team White) and Kwok Dynasty (Team Purple) 🥉🥉

4th place: Wang-Liu Dynasty (Team Yellow)

5th place: Dong Dynasty (Team Red)

Thank you all for coming to this event! We hope you had fun because we definitely did. Stay tuned for a blog post on the Ming Dynasty and Chinese Literature this Thursday, and see you this FRIDAY at 5:30 pm in the Klaus Courtyard for 🐉🚣‍♀️ DRAGON BOAT FESTIVAL 🚣‍♀️🐉!

  • This article was written by Helen Liu. For any inquiries or other thoughts, please contact here at hliu656@gatech.edu.



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