Han Dynasty, Everything Zhou, and Kung Fu

None of you guys work at the Han imperial court so I won’t go over this map in detail. Source: History.com
This guy is so smug for literally being the second Chinese MacMillan after his dad. Source: WorldHistory.com
College of Engineering enrollment decreases by 1000 while College of Computing enrollment increases by 2500 over the same time span. I guess some people are starting to realize the Han dynasty was 2000 years ago :P Source: irp.gatech.edu
Pokémon are a special class of organisms that have existed long before the Pokédex was invented by Professor Oak. In this analogy Pokémon is TCM, organisms are just random plants, the Pokédex are text like the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon and Professor Oak is the Han Dynasty. Source: Wikimedia
Here’s a 24 step guide to tai ji. Let me know if following it makes you feel like you have more life energy afterwards. Source: taichisnob.blogspot.com
Absolute unit of Buddha in Leshan, Sichuan built during the Tang Dynasty. Buddha is 80 feet taller than Lady Liberty while sitting down. Source: Wikimedia
Some various kung fu stances that I found online. I’m not sure how effective they are in beating people up but they sure do look cool. Source: learnshaolinkungfu.com
Bruce Lee is so cool.




Official blog of the Chinese Student Association at Georgia Tech

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Chinese Student Association @ GT

Chinese Student Association @ GT

Official blog of the Chinese Student Association at Georgia Tech

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