Western Zhou Dynasty and the Right to Rule

King Wen of Zhou has had enough of the Shang Dynasty! Source: Wikimedia and Arcane
Powder wanted to get caught by Jiang Ziya. Source: Piscifun
I don’t think the Battle of Muye actually involved a fox demon and a giant volcano monster, but it’s probably about as accurate as all the traditional stories about Jiang Ziya anyways.
Floods along the Yellow River have been weaponized politically and militarily for a while. Here are intentionally caused floods in 1938 greatly inconveniencing Japanese invaders. Sources: Environmental China and Geographical
Map of the Western Zhou. Note how little of the entire domain the royal house actually directly controlled. Source: SpringerLink
The squad pulls up and just watches your useless army get crushed my invaders. (Picture is actually of much later Zhou era Wu army commanded by Sun Tzu. Source: Simply Knowledge
States of the Eastern Zhou Battle Royale. Ultimately, the Qin got the winner winner chicken dinner/#1 victory royale Team Mode. Source: Wikimedia
Han Feizi (韩非子) of Han arguing to Confucian scholar Xunzi (荀子) that his legalist way of governance was superior (~235BCE, colorized). Source: Arcane




Official blog of the Chinese Student Association at Georgia Tech

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Chinese Student Association @ GT

Chinese Student Association @ GT

Official blog of the Chinese Student Association at Georgia Tech

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