‘Different Colors of Money’
Jonathon Feit

Health Information Exchange Integration Engines, such as Infor’s Cloverleaf HIE, Intersystems Health Share, Corepoint and Mirth offer those organizations that want to bridge the gap between NEMSIS and HL7 today, a means to do so when their ePCR vendor has not implemented the functionality. I know of one such large, progressive EMS agency that chose Cloverleaf because they were not happy with the available options at the time.

I have a good deal of knowledge about Infor Cloverleaf (I am a business analyst with Infor’s Cloverleaf unit working on analytics projects, and hold several Cloverleaf certifications, but note that my comments are mine alone and do not represent Infor), and know that Cloverleaf’s translation engine offers excellent facilities to map and translate/transform data between formats.

I would imagine our competitors products offer similar benefits to EMS and NEMSIS data, as one large ePCR vendor recently announced a partnership with a HIE listed above to provide HIE facilities to their products.

Granted I work for a HIE vendor, but I really do believe that being able to integrate EMS data with local/statewide HIE’s via HL7 is a win, and needed in today’s connected and value based care models.

It could also offer some significant patient care opportunities as well. SHIN-NY (State Health Information Network-NY) recently announced plans (and some funding) to integrate mental health case worker systems into the SHIN-NY. This could lead to some very beneficial notification systems and better case coordination, leading to lower utilization of health care services. The ePCR could offer one click referrals to case management.

There is also a lot of opportunity in FHIR enabling ePCR’s. API’s offer some very compelling use cases…