And… we have lift-off
Rohit Nadhani

So let me get this straight. You actually believe you can get more customers than you had before (which apparently was not enough to sustain the business) to pay you $50 a year to spy on them and turn around and sell their email, contacts and calendar data to the highest bidder?

No. Hells no. No freakin way.

And to top that off, your defunct service continued to harvest user emails after you allegedly shut down?

This is shady as hell. And it now makes me wonder what Essential is harvesting off the few phones they have in the wild.

And to top it off, you’re selling email, contacts and calendar data to Facebook of all people? Read the privacy policy. Please.

It’s too bad, because I loved the app, and was sad to see it go. But there is no way in hell I’m paying you (and paying you a premium price) to turn around and sell me out. When I pay a premium price for a premium app, I fully expect to not be the product.

Anyone considering using the service, please be aware they are selling you out. And they are in turn harvesting all the people that send you send and receive email with.