J4K 2021 — Part Deux — October 6

Cesar Saavedra
2 min readJul 7, 2021


J4K June 9th edition, the first of two smaller events we planned for 2021, was enlightening, smooth and fantastically fun for all!

Given the current world situation and virtual conference fatigue, we transformed a two-day event into two one-day events which was proven successful with the first event. Attendees appreciated the single day lower total time commitment format. Speakers were live and responsive to audience questions, even if it meant answering them on Twitter and not just through the Whova platform. It was very exciting to see the level of engagement between speakers, attendees, and forums. This first 2021 J4K was a great event for attendees and sponsors, providing developers with knowledge for their main concerns on how to build software that is resilient and resource-efficient in any cloud environment.

J4K Part-1 was a great success due to our wonderful sponsors, speakers, volunteers and attendees. Thank you very much for everyone’s contribution.

J4K Part-2 (or Part Deux), is the second of the two events planned for 2021, and will take place on Wednesday, October 6, 2021. It will also be virtual and free to attend so please invite your friends and colleagues. Although countries are progressing with vaccinations, given varying COVID vaccination rates around the world and with the potential of more variants appearing, we believe a virtual format is best for J4K Part-2. However, for 2022, we are expecting an in-person event hosted in Orlando, Florida.

We hope you continue to be a strong participant in the future in support of our open-source and enterprise software technology community events like J4K, which are very valuable for everyone interested in moving software innovations forward regardless of geography, socio-economic status, and global situation. We are all resilient nerds advancing the state of the art of enterprise development. Thank you again for making J4K a very valuable event for multi-cloud Java developers on Kubernetes.

The J4K Organizing Team