Music Video Ideas

After a little bit of thought over the week on what the music stop motion video should contain, I have come up with a few ideas to make the video flow together and beat out the opposing team.

I believe for the video to really mesh well and be something that coincides well with the meaning of the song as well with lyrics, everyone on our music video team should come together and create a single idea that is spread between the three groups of the team. This will make the video make sense as we will all be working toward the same goal of the video instead of creating our own thing. During this week I hope to get into contact with all the groups on our team to meet and come up with what that idea will be. Also I hope one of us can get in contact with artist of the song so they can tell us the meaning of any lyrics or something that we might be unsure of. With that meeting I think it would be a good idea to see if she could be in the video performing along with the rest of us. As for where we should shoot, I think that just being on campus will make the whole process way easier as well give us all a common place that we know what we can do things. To make things mesh even more I think that we should make the whole video on the same day using everyone on the team. This will make the video be more in line with one another plus if we all come together to shoot on the same day then we will have all of each other to act in the three sections that we need to create the video. This also really stresses the idea of having one central idea for the video and splitting it into three separate parts.

Also my group specifically is responsible for also creating some kind of intro for the video in order to make the time constraint. I have been playing with idea of having all the team involved with the intro. I think it would be cool if some how we all were introduced in the beginning in our own unique way. Such as each team doing some kind of entrance in to a static shot to begin. Wether they come floating in or driving in a invisible car I would want them to all come into the shot in a different creative way. This also the artist if we can convince them to be in the video. I believe by doing this it will help to make us the hit the correct time that we need as well showing off the creativity of the crew of the team working on the video and show casing the artist if they choose to be in the video.

If we do all this I think we have more than a chance in beating the other team in this “Friendly” competition.

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