To all the caged birds

To all the caged birds, to all those who feel locked up, your wings clipped, useless for what they’ve been given to you for: freedom. Flight. Pure happiness, the joy of feeling the breeze on your feathers, the beautiful landscapes that you can see at a birds view. I have a message for you: There is hope, and I know you will feel that spark. Know this: There is always a hand reaching out to you, to help you. It will help you unlock the cage, but you must help as well. The bars that bind you will be broken once you see that light at the end of the tunnel. I know, sounds like a fairy tale, huh? Well, it isn't, and I am living proof. If that hand had not come when it did, I would be utterly lost, broken like glass, so it would be near to impossible for anyone to heal the wounds and seal the cracks. The hand comes at unexpected times, in unexpected places. Believe.

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