The more control Budget Hackabot challenge is almost upon us. This weekend, We Work BKC will host one of the largest ever hackathons held in India, with over 100 teams registered for the event so far. At moneycontrol, we are exploring new areas of technology which can help us deliver unique value to our consumers. And with the problems laid out for this edition, we believe significant such amount can be unlocked in the areas of machine learning and investment advisory. How to save money budget ?

The problem statements are as follows:

Problem #1

The challenge is to build a first of its kind interactive bot that simplifies the budget for consumers by answerering queries posted by users in natural English language. For responses, the bot needs to explain from the knowledge base repository of 600+ articles prepared by the money control editorial team.How to save money budget ?

Problem #2

Come up with an exciting tool that demonstrates the risks and rewards of different investment and asset classes. The tool/solution needs to be fun and easy to use. This will act as a way for users to learn about new investment options and make decisions. The users will range from beginners to regular investors. Any open/freely available data source can be used to build the tool which will suggest suitable investment options to the user. For the scope of this problem statement, asset classes to be considered can be restricted to stocks and mutual funds. The horizon for prediction will range between 1month to 1 year depending on the asset class in question (mutual funds are obviously evaluated over a longer time frame).How to save money budget ?

The problems have been designed keeping in mind the upcoming Union Budget session in Parliament. With the advent of GST, the general public has several questions on pertinent matters that affect their daily lives and bread. This nee ds to be brought out into the open and healthy discourse is a must for the times. With this perspective, we’ve put our heads together to identify technological means which can address these issues for consumers at scale. And we believe the next breakthrough is close at hand, especially with the help of the more significant problem-solving entrepreneurial community.

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