c0c0n XI DomeCTF Write-Up- CHINA- Team RedRaptor !!

Arjun Shanker
Oct 8, 2018 · 2 min read

Here’s our story towards the Second Position. In this write-up I will focus on how we captured CHINA from the day long challenging CTF race which gave us sleepless night organized by AppFabs and Kerala Police Cyberdome. :)

  1. China:

Our next country to capture was China.

Image for post
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We got a secret message. Can you get the message? Here it is

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The secret message was a Base64 encoded string and so we might need to crack it to get our flag.

Let’s Go Decoding!!

First decoding>> No luck ! Base64 output

Second decoding>> Same result.. Yes it is encoded multiple times


Twelfth Attempt>> Success !! we got something we have seen somewhere, a hash value. :)

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It was seen in some network devices but couldn’t recall which one. A simple googling got us with “juniper equivalent for Cisco 7 ”.

Image for post
Image for post

And yes that was it. Bingo!! We captured CHINA :D

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Yeah!! We were the runners-up for the CTF challenge and congrats to the Gem and Sreelakshmy from RedX team for making it to the top.

A great loud thanks to my teammate Joseph Nygil and special thanks to Chetan, Sreehari and Rakesh S.

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